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Are there any gifs or pics of you getting laid?


Are these professional porn stars not enough for you??

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how big should a 16 year old be


As big as he/she wants to be.

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Can I also say that running this sort of blog also doesn’t warrant some of you guys’ perverted and frankly, sexist questions and comments, Keep in mind also that I started this blog out of boredom and am not at all any more sexual than the normal person, so there’s that.

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You give shit advice atop bring a hypocrite telling people to boy have sex and read a book! You make freaking porn gifs


Lmao, girl/boy BYE. Running a porn blog doesn’t mean I endorse young teenagers having sex, why are you so basic? And you can always unfollow, no one’s keeping you here.

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Do you have any photos of yourself on your blog?



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is six inches okay?


if a two inch finger can get the job done I’m sure 6 inches will be more than enough.

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I really want to know who the actors are in this gif set: it's black and white, the guy has short black hair and a tattoo of what I believe is a wolf, maybe a fox. The girl has white attire and really really, blonde hair, almost white. They're in a kitchen and in the background there are star shaped decorations on top of the counter to the left. Anyways I hope you can help me, and compliments on a very sexy blog ;-)



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When I'm hard my forskin is still over, is that wierd?


If it doesn’t cause any pain I’m sure it’s okay.

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Is it okay for a vagina to be a little dark? My skin color is like medium dark and i was wondering.


Uh, yeah it’s perfectly normal, I don’t know how to link blogs on my phone but go follow largelabiaproject if you’re having any insecurities w/ the appearance of your vagina, they really do come in all shapes, sizes, color.

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